Hi! Thank you for visiting my website. Now that you’ve looked at the kind of photography I offer, let me tell you a bit about me.

This is not a story of qualifications or degrees in photography. It is not how my story began.  My photography career has been a long exciting journey of being self taught. I guess you could say that life is my education.

Photography is a passion of mine which started at a young age when I took a film Minolta camera with me to the Middle East and United Kingdom.

When my first camera eventually broke my husband bought me another film camera for my birthday. Then came the age of  digital photography where my Dad, being the generous man that he is, bought me my first professional camera – the  Canon 20D – which helped me get this business off the ground and I haven’t looked back since!

In addition to being a professional photographer there are quirks, loves and fancies that make me who I am and influence the ways in which I interpret scenes and find creative expression in my photography. . .

I live in East London, South African with my husband, beautiful daughter, two dogs and two cats. I love Christmas, some might say its a little weird when I start humming Christmas carols in July. We have quite a decent veggie garden going which I am so excited about and aim to make recycling a priority in our home. I love travelling, getting back to nature, rainy days and beautiful light. I adore the simple things, I am my Granny’s child in that way – a good laugh, a great movie or curling up with a good book for the day or just chilling at home with my family.

Photographing weddings and the celebration of two families joining is such a beautiful time and being able to document that story for you is one of the reasons why I love this job so much. I would love to chat about your wedding day. So let’s set up a meet and see if we like each other!

xxx Michelle

Make-up by: Kelly Meiring. Hair by: Lezil DeMan